[Fusionforge-commits] r15192 - in trunk: . src/www

Roland Mas lolando at fusionforge.org
Fri Mar 23 15:53:00 CET 2012

Author: lolando
Date: 2012-03-23 15:52:59 +0100 (Fri, 23 Mar 2012)
New Revision: 15192

Cut and pasted homepage section from CHANGES

Modified: trunk/src/www/index_std.php
--- trunk/src/www/index_std.php	2012-03-23 14:45:01 UTC (rev 15191)
+++ trunk/src/www/index_std.php	2012-03-23 14:52:59 UTC (rev 15192)
@@ -24,6 +24,30 @@
 <li><?php print _('A powerful plugin system to add new features.'); ?></li>
+<h3><?php print _("What's new in FusionForge 5.2"); ?></h3>
+<li><?php print _('Docman: inject zip as a tree (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('Widget: New User Widget: Last 5 documents published in my project (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('Docman: mass action (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('New Message plugin to display global messages like planned upgrade or outage
+  (Alcatel-Lucent).') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('Docman: complete rewritten of trash and pending view (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('New Scmhook: complete library to handle hooks for any scm available in
+  fusionforge. Currently supporting post-commit and pre-commit hook.
+  scmsvn pre-commit and post-commit library is provided (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('New Widget: smcgit personal URL of cloned repositories. Currently just
+  a list of URLs of your personal repository cloned from project you
+   belong. (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('Docman: interaction with the projects-hierarchy plugin to enable hierarchical
+  browsing. (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('Admin: User add membership to multiples projects in one shot (Capgemini)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('New MoinMoinWiki plugin (AdaCore)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('Trackers: New view to display roadmaps view for trackers (Alcatel-Lucent)') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('scmsvn: private project can now be browsed with viewvc using user rights management (TrivialDev).') ?></li>
+<li><?php print _('scmsvn: basic activity support (TrivialDev).') ?></li>
 <h3><?php print _("What's new in FusionForge 5.1"); ?></h3>
 <li><?php print _('New Funky Theme (Capgemini).'); ?></li>

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