[Fusionforge-commits] FusionForge annotated tag v5.3-rc4 created. v5.3-rc4

Franck Villaume nerville at fusionforge.org
Sun Mar 23 15:22:44 CET 2014

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  replaces  v5.3-rc1
 tagged by  Franck Villaume
        on  Sun Mar 23 15:22:24 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Fourth release candidate of Fusionforge 5.3

Alain Peyrat (2):
      Fix Cannot save block when tracker name contains special html chars
      Fix duplicated forums when monitoring several forums in the same project

Franck Villaume (140):
      fix [#256]: fail to set roles
      fix [#489]: mass update custom field: backport fix from Branch_5_2
      start rc2
      FRS: fix widget when package is hidden
      plugin projects hierarchy: fix display for private projects
      snippet: remove double feedback display, cleanup
      snippet: use HTML5 required
      snippet: fix download, disable debug
      people: more translations, use xzxz value, indent and cleanup
      listTableTop: make first param default value
      snippet: cleanup, indent, fix url->link, fix table
      fix [#193]: Clone tracker when preexisting extrafields with same name
      merge from Branch_5_2: fix [#193]
      fix [#289]: wrong text commits vs. updates
      tracker: enable delete attachment files and close [#481]
      fix input type. text -> email
      Group: more translations
      project admin: add entry in history when role is added/updated/deleted
      project admin: add entry in history when role is linked/unlinked
      frs: fix upload check
      frs: remove useless db_rollback
      docman: remove useless jQuery call
      fix [#317]: add check on processor and file type
      fix [#317]: add check on processor and file type
      empty merge from Branch_5_2
      scmgit: avoid iframe loop when user uses the project_home link in gitweb
      scmgit: fix weird owner when creating clone personal repository
      activity: fix frs
      pluginman: deactivate plugin when activation went wrong
      fix php warning
      cronjob: create_scm_repos: use the right env.inc.php
      ssh_create.php is a common cronjob. not specific to scmcvs
      install-ng: add missing error message
      install-ng: start to handle RHEL6 correctly. No hardcoded version
      install-ng: handle correctly hostname, exit on error
      install-ng: fix detect_version
      install-ng: fix syntax
      install-ng: fix install3 exit on error
      install-ng: really fix syntax
      install-ng: drop lsb_release
      install-ng: display target version for debug purpose
      install-ng: since kernel may not installed.... use rpm as reference
      install-ng: handle version correctly for package list
      plugin mantisbt: use input type url & password
      plugin scmgit:     - fix group ownership. needed when project disabled anonymous access     - no need to mkdir, chgrp on loop. make it once for all
      plugin scmgit: personal clone can be request by logged user with read write
      pm: handle correcly no dependent tasks
      css: handle other type of input
      RBAC: remove double entry in switch
      rbac: fix previous commit
      Widget MyProjects: fix html
      plugin projectimport: fix admin and tooltip value. These fields are mandatory
      plugin extsubproj: cleanup
      util_sudo_effective_user: posix_seteuid does not work as expected on every distribution. debian bash has been patched to work. reimplement the function using pcntl functions
      start rc3
      docman: fix display with use_manual_uploads
      docman: missing translation
      plugin projects-hierarchy: fix html
      plugin projects-hierarchy: lowercase
      themes: no need to load simpleMenu js all the time
      plugin compactpreview: indent
      plugin compactpreview: make it usable. increase the delay, move the div, make the div hide on click anywhere else
      plugin scmsvn: fix logic. run chmod, chown after repository initialisation
      install-ng: fix dag url
      plugin scmhook: this plugin is valid
      my: remove useless js library
      scmgit widget MyRepositories: fix html
      widget MyTasks: fix html
      admin index: fix html
      tracker: detail, fix html
      login-form: missing translation
      funky theme: tooltips not displayed correctly on main tab
      merge Branch_5_2
      funky-wOw: sync fix from funky
      fix wrong approach about url_prefix dealing, use util_make_uri correctly
      use util_make_uri to deal with url_prefix
      Merge branch 'Branch_5_2' into Branch_5_3
      fix docman js to handle correcly url_prefix
      merge Branch_5_2
      Git plugin : find another way to display user without using require_unique_email
      Revert "Git plugin : find another way to display user without using require_unique_email"
      User: fix user_get_object_by_email call
      docman: fix html syntax
      plugins scmgit, scmsvn: handle html entities, and adapt display in activity tab
      people: profile visible for owner even if the owner set it to private.
      people profile: add direct link to edit the user profile
      people editprofile: fields are required
      fix update_vectors function: typo skill_data_id -> skills_data_id
      fix update_vectors function: typo skill_data_id -> skills_data_id
      people edit skills: fix display
      people edit skills: fields required
      people editprofile: drop redondant information
      cronjob homedirs: fix group ownership
      docman: hack to fix div height size in listfile and trashfile
      Plugin: fix getThemePath
      Plugin: fix getThemePath
      docman: fix massive actions. url too long
      docman: fix listtrashfile, plugin project-hierarchy handling and massive actions
      my dashboard: remove double class attribut
      docman: force max-width on FileName, Name and Description columns
      fix compactpreview empty using ssl and browsing in http
      widget: add missing preview
      plugin extsubproj: fix widget category.
      plugin utils: indent, fix use of htmlIframe, remove hardcoded path
      fix scripts path
      fix image path in widget preview
      plugin hudson: fix display iframe
      funky, funky-wOw theme: add missing file
      prepare final release: rc4 actually.
      plugin hudson: fix jqplot pie for test result
      admin page: add missing required
      plugin hudson: remove debug log
      themes funky & funly-wOw: missing image stop.png
      fix display trove categories
      admin userlist: when user suspended, disable suspend action
      frs admin: fix html syntax
      plugin hudson: fix getThemePath
      merge Branch_5_2
      plugin headermenu: fix script path
      update docs about use_javascript
      admin vhost: fix sql query and add required
      ssh_create.php: update doc
      vhost: information rather than feedback
      cronjob: add missing create_vhosts.php
      scm admin: fix enable anon scm
      scm admin: use method post in form
      upgrade-db: move echo after require_once
      scm reporting: fix html syntax
      extsubproj: display widget only if project uses this plugin
      people: fix html syntax
      stats i18n: use css
      Observer: disable the feature since the backend is missing
      themes funky & funy-wOw: remove double call to getStylesheets
      docman: reporting page: fix display user, fix performance issue
      frs: reporting, fix anonymous user
      Layout: load CSS after JS
      fix [#645]: setPluginUse, put return at the rigth place
      Typo: broswe -> browse
      account: add missing required

Julien HEYMAN (10):
      Fix cache when group is approved
      [#633] Fix authldap plugin parameters
      Merge branch 'Branch_5_2' into Branch_5_3
      Fix url_prefix on css and fs
      Merge branch 'Branch_5_2'
      Merge branch 'Branch_5_2' into Branch_5_3
      Revert "Merge branch 'Branch_5_2' into Branch_5_3"
      Fix url_prefix on css and js
      [#634] Drop unless variables
      [#634] Remove unused variables

Marc-Etienne VARGENAU (2):
      Update translations
      db_query_prams --> db_query_params

Ralf Habacker (1):
      buildsystem: Fix bug not been able to download deprectated html purifier tar ball

Roland Mas (15):
      Merged from 5.2: Thorsten steps down from Debian maintenance
      Upgrade to Selenium 2.35 to hopefully fix builds
      Upgrade to Selenium 2.35 to hopefully fix builds
      Upgrade to Selenium 2.35 to hopefully fix builds
      Made script executable
      Update list of dependencies
      Migrate Git personal+secondary repos before dropping tables
      Merged from 5.2
      Don't crash the whole script on tests failing, so that screenshots can be saved
      Don't use javascript-common from jessie when testing on wheezy
      Work around breakage introduced by eea6d73e87f88adb98989c86281f1db53fee73ed
      Fixed Xpath expression
      Fixed Xpath expression
      Move jobs from scmcvs to main crontab; also replaces Debian-specific Perl script with standard homedirs.php+ssh_create.php
      Don't fail if no files need to be removed

Sylvain Beucler (78):
      VM: update build-dependencies
      VM: more precise dependencies for a APT::Install-Recommends=false box
      VM: copy/paste-able error message to fix repos
      Add a packer.io definition to build a Vagrant dev/sandbox VM
      tests: use 'psql' again to restore dumps, and make the VM testsuite use the same format than Jenkins
      VM: use a generic way (console+X11) to change the keyboard layout
      VM: use a more exhaustive icon theme
      VM: shrinking the VM is done by Packer now
      VM: simplify initial setup
      VM: simplify packer recipe (notably, enable root account)
      VM: use 'master' rather than 'unstable' branch, more suitable for development
      VM: Apply security fixes during the preseed-ing phase
      VM: install packages where they are needed (aka minimal dependency among scripts)
      VM: use default for security fixes (safe-upgrade)
      VM: no need to update the system during bootstrap, already latest version of bzr and packages
      VM: use new testsuite infra
      VM: push files directly in root account + add a .bashrc
      VM: update URLs for Debian 7.4
      VM: fix package _re_build, and clean-ups
      VM: use plain partition rather than LVM (way easier to debug/fix from host)
      VM: use a more stable URL, and reduce the disk size a bit (useful when converting to KVM since VB doesn't support sparse files)
      Group vm files
      VM: Centos support
      VM: more fixes
      VM: fix repo location
      VM: fix VirtualBox slow DNS
      VM: pick the right branch
      VM: fix more paths
      VM: simplify sample Vagrantfile
      VM: desktop link to local fusionforge
      VM: recommend private network
      VM: colored PHP in Emacs
      VM: enable Git colors by default
      VM: suggest how to mount Git repository from the host
      hudson: fix missing .ini file in the packaging
      headermenu,projectlabels: fix missing .ini file in the packaging
      VM: add git upstream remote
      VM: fetch upstream remote
      VM: use stable loggerhead 'backport' URL
      VM: sign local packages
      Improve "What's new" homepage section:     - group related features,     - try to sort the features by impact,     - move SCM "plugins" to the top as everybody use at least one of them     - keep separate Plugins section to differentiate changes that affect everybody and changes that affect only plugin users
      Install .php migration scripts (only .sql were included before)
      Use common/include/env.inc.php instead of www/env.inc.php, because gforge-web-apache2 is not installed when running gforge-db-postgresql's postinst scripts
      VM: use versioning scheme based on the current version (no v999 override)
      Skip loggerhead install if already installed; allow system to use newer fusionforge if fixing e.g. postinst script
      VM: add uninstall script
      Add ignore rules for packaging
      VM: uninstall.sh: executable perms
      VM: uninstall script: support long package names
      Non-zero return code if cannot connect to DB (warn scripts that something went wrong)
      mediawiki: install template FF-specific LocalSettings.php, so it's more visible for the admin
      (git-)Ignore Emacs backup files
      Add pow-gforge.png -> pow-fusionforge.png link as many default project websites still use that URL
      Allow installing shell-postgresql with a remote db
      VM: recreate key.asc when the repository is rebuilt
      packaging: remove obsolete empty /etc/gforge/httpd.d dir
      Move register-plugin/unregister-plugin from db-postgresql to common, to use in with db-remote
      packaging: scmsvn: make web-apache2 dependency optional, so they can be installed on separate machines
      Remove unused common.orig
      Move sqlparser.pm/sqlhelper.pm from db-postgresql to common, to use in with db-remote
      scmhook: packaging
      scmhook: db packaging
      scmhook: cronjob packaging
      scmhook: let commit-email.pl set the sender from the SVN username; forward return code to SVN so it displays errors if any
      Improve indentation/readability
      svn/commitemail: Make svnlook support accents
      Mention unscd as an alternative to nscd
      forge_get_config now doesn't fail due to DB during bootstrapping or maintenance (DB stopped, php5-pgsql not installed yet, etc.)
      Position FUSIONFORGE_NO_DB better
      New -db-remote package to support installs spread on multiple servers     (cherry-picked from debian branch, cross-repo packaging is error-prone)
      include.pl depends on DBI/DBD-pg
      vm: support new release version with '~rc' etc.
      Remove unused import of HTML::Entities / libhtml-parser-perl
      Promote unscd|nscd from Recommends to Depends: we need it in all setups (cf. 'NSS loop' in ML)
      Document the rational for 'trust' auth in nss-pgsql.conf
      install-nsspgsql.sh: remote DB support
      install-nsspgsql.sh: merge old bugfix from the Debian branch
      install-nsspgsql.sh: merge old bugfix from the Debian branch (really)

Thorsten Glaser (6):
      fix $pluginname
      disable a rather dangerous SVN 1.6+ feature
      fix bug in group approval when template has forums disabled
      remove myself from Uploaders
      prevent SQL error early on
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Branch_5_1' into Branch_5_2



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