[Fusionforge-commits] FusionForge annotated tag 6.0.4 created. 6.0.4

Roland Mas lolando at libremir.placard.fr.eu.org
Fri Apr 22 13:39:58 CEST 2016

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "FusionForge".

The annotated tag, 6.0.4 has been created
        at  7c1568cc5f56406226ebd802160690032f24a045 (tag)
   tagging  39dcd34072638ddcc528ea2c0786ea7ce66d3573 (commit)
  replaces  v6.0.3
 tagged by  Roland Mas
        on  Fri Apr 22 13:39:24 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Bugfix release 6.0.4

Benoit Debaenst (3):
      fix : force scmhook installation at migration + remove unset() which block data migration
      fix remove unset() which block data migration
      Plugin cvstracker : fix permission issues

Franck Villaume (29):
      fix FRS shownotes.php. use view=shownotes when needed
      FRS zip latest migration script: better error handling when database is inconsistent
      fix [#800]: implement usingplugin in grouplist.php page
      fix PHP syntax
      Merge branch 'Branch_5_3' into 6.0
      fix syntax test. Empty line
      Merge branch 'Branch_5_3' into 6.0
      account management system: fix UNIX sysCreateUser, no unix_gid anymore
      fix [#802] wrong browsing history in scmgit
      add missing licence
      rss utils, add missing licence, fix link, fix deprecated php function
      rss activity: add missing categories, fix url
      rss: fix label, use proper SQL query to filter groups
      rss: use rss2.0 for projects, remove duplicate rss 0.91 news, fix rss activity when group_id is 0
      rss docman: remove hardcoded http, use util_make_url & drop useless commented code
      rss project: remove double header, add missing rss tasks & tracker
      search engine plugin: add missing licence, use util_make_url when needed, remove broken image
      clean up, empty line
      rss new releases: use util_make_url, use frs module directly
      rss: task, cleaner code. start to use db_query functions
      fix [#805] typo SFDLVPR vs. SFDVLPR
      rss tasks: move to db_result + db_construct_qpa
      sync CHANGES
      code style & use getIntFromRequest to handle number of shown tasks
      remove useless var
      fix [#656] remove html in tooltip.
      fix [#808]: invalid UseNewInfoFmtStrings keyword with CVS 1.11
      fix [#810] docman folder tree: support Chrome browser, open/close folders
      fix [#811] plugin scmsvn: better error handling when no commit exist

Matthieu Imbert (3):
      pre-create the dav dir in svn repos. Because apache running as commiting user (with mod-itk) will not have the right to create this dir. This is needed only for some specific svn clients (eg. svn 1.6.17 on ubuntu 12.04).
      fix bad link for project admin vhost deletion
      add missing systasks for vhost creation/update in site_admin

Roland Mas (25):
      Also refresh NSS for groups
      Added setHomepage() method
      Prevent errors when updating project history (if a field has a null old value)
      Fixed error message
      Better error message when user status is not active
      Removed links to edit email address, password, and SSH keys from user account maintenance page
      Revert "Removed links to edit email address, password, and SSH keys from user account maintenance page"
      Removed obsolete code
      Use configured path for SCM repos
      Make full-text search configuration configurable
      Added script to rebuild full-text indices
      Fixed /etc/hosts to also include FQDN
      Added tests for pagination in search results
      Use different capitalization for ProjectB
      Better detection of inactive users
      [#812] Missing global variable in report function
      Rename Error class to FFError for PHP7
      Update Debian packaging for PHP 7.0 transition
      Also rename Error to FFError in testsuite too
      Rename Error to FFError in more places
      Keep compatibility with Debian 8
      Fixed references to constructor in derived classes
      Update translation file
      Update CHANGES for 6.0.4
      Release 6.0.4

Sylvain Beucler (47):
      scmhook: fix non-editable mailing list name in some configurations
      scmgit: stats: drop only bad UTF-8, not all non-ASCII chars
      scmgit: stats: match e-mail case-insensitively
      accounts: don't accept numeric-only user or group names
      mta-exim4: restart exim4 after configuration
      mta-postfix: clarify that configuration is reloaded
      debian: more service->invoke-rc.d conversion
      Update CHANGES
      mediawiki: fix permission error when upgrading suspended projects database
      debian: fix version number (causes new packages to be created as 6.0.2 instead of 6.0.3)
      projects-hierarchy: don't display a project as possible child if there's no read access to it (Inria)
      debian: ignore more lintian false positives
      dist: remove debian/rules and fusionforge.spec (which are only final post-release) automatically (consistently with previous releases)
      debian: automate various fix-ups for official Debian releases, including new post-install scripts desactivation
      autoinstall: modify Debian files post-release
      projects-hierarchy: drop duplicate license (and fix lintian warning..)
      projects-hierarchy: prepare plugins
      projects-hierarchy: mask delegation checkbox until implementation is complete [#797]
      projects-hierarchy: prevent auto-validation of parent-child requests [#796]
      debian: sync changelog
      systasksd: fix another race condition by flushing nscd cache after the nss_groups check
      testsuite: attempt to mitigate timeouts
      stats: use git .mailmap file (thanks again Matthieu Imbert)
      plugin: s/-/_/ when looking for existing plugin tables
      testsuite: avoid 'Unable to connect' errors when apache2 is delayed-stopped by systemd & al. and then isn't restarted
      i18n: sync with TP
      testsuite: one more attempt to tame systemd
      testsuite: don't fail if apache is initially stopped - just start it
      account: don't display printf return value
      account: drop redundant (and insecure) unsalted MD5 password hashes from the database
      testsuite: one more libnss-pgsql2 work-around
      account: trigger system replication when user changes password or shell (Inria)
      account: improve password hash salts
      Fix attribution
      taskboard: fix blank admin page when project tracker is disabled
      project html export: fix references to 'is_public' fields
      mediawiki: fix missing </body> tag
      viewvc: fix PHP warning during anonymous browsing
      activity: fix PHP warning during anonymous browsing
      testsuite: disable timeout so we have a chance to gdb the stalled process
      testsuite: properly export PGPASSFILE under Debian
      news: pending site news e-mail reminder: properly filter out private projects
      account: fix supported ssh keys types - again
      scmsvn: doc fixes
      mediawiki: restore access to public dumps at /plugins/mediawiki/dumps/
      rss: quick fix to prevent private PM infoleak



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