[Fusionforge-commits] FusionForge annotated tag v6.1beta1 created. v6.1beta1

Franck Villaume nerville at libremir.placard.fr.eu.org
Sun Dec 10 10:44:39 CET 2017

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
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the project "FusionForge".

The annotated tag, v6.1beta1 has been created
        at  fbc863f1852b0f3b8d76175562a0a2ff0f8f8454 (tag)
   tagging  6085a0a729de3f9f4c5b1b95b81d3aa52a9f92a5 (commit)
  replaces  v6.1alpha0
 tagged by  Franck Villaume
        on  Sun Dec 10 10:43:37 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
v6.1beta1 release

Franck Villaume (73):
      tracker widget: fix creation with section title
      tabs & remove useless comments
      tabs & missing initial activation of SLA custom field
      tracker widget render: add default call for ARTIFACT_EXTRAFIELDTYPE_SLA
      space, add missing translations
      httpd configuration. add missing default 404 page
      forums: refactor getForumsAdmin for better permission check and error setting
      fix PHP syntax
      fix table display.
      fix detail artifact display with hasRelations in the 2-columns standard template
      fix box overlay
      tracker admin, customfield: protect missing default value on post
      space & missing information when no tags
      missing rollback
      final fix on populate_template_project.php tool
      add missing class in listTableTop to identify table header clearly
      fix even/odd in MyLatestCommits widget
      phptextcaptcha: add Mageia font path + fix login form.
      docman: less code, fix double slash in path
      final fix for double slash
      fix class in docman listTableTop.
      MonitorElement: fix SQL query. Missing element
      adjut Widget MyMonitoredDocuments to include monitored folders
      add missing widget preview image + fix widget description
      fix total count in MonitorDocuments Widget
      add missing plugin mediawiki
      add missing link for forge cli
      fix help. getDataDump -> getZipDump
      activate mediawiki test on rpm install
      debian mediawiki fix
      rpm install: add missing package mediawiki
      do apt-get update after backports_deb. same behavior as src install
      gpg key generation: add %no-protection to handle gpg >= 2.0
      fix cell content alignment
      remove double space
      display effort unit entry only if tracker feature is on
      tabs & fix ln call (adding f flag
      mediawiki plugin: fix activity
      mediawiki activity: clean-up
      change email: less string, fix return link to point to account
      less string
      diary: fix table display
      user tracker dashboard only available is use_tracker set
      mediawiki: fix PHP warning & fix API URL call
      Group class: secure call to provide(). Be sure it is an object
      widget ProjectScmStats: check for object before calling member function
      Merge 6.0
      fix captcha integration in sendmessage page
      fix icon size for forum admin actions
      docman: fix online document creation
      tabs vs. space
      fix 404 on mediawiki due to CamelCase skin name in debian
      admin user list: fix filtering. do not reset the filtering on reordering
      admin user list: fix filtering. part 2
      remove debug info
      admin user list: fix SQL condition.
      artifact: fix markdown in comments, wrong var
      fix missing paging on userlist.php
      fix object association when objects have the same internal id.
      use imgbaseurl. imgroot is not used => removed
      remove obsolete sf images
      remove unused img
      fix css class in trove table
      flag obsolete parameter to be remove in next release
      fix even/odd in summary widget
      artifact: set last_modified_date to open_date on creation. easy to use later in widgets
      widget project public areas: display docman stat only if user has read access
      prepare 6.1.0beta1 release

Roland Mas (25):
      Also reenable mediawiki testsuite on installations from *.deb
      Adapt installation from sources to Debian 9 (Stretch)
      Adapt installation from sources to Debian 9 (Stretch)
      Install phpunit-selenium with composer on Debian >= 9
      Update package name on Debian 9
      Fix tweaking of LXC template
      Install phpunit from packages
      Try working with a PHPUnit installed with Composer
      Install Composer stuff into /usr/local/share/php
      Install Composer stuff into /usr/local/share/php
      Fixed logic
      Indentation only
      Use PHPUnit as installed with Composer
      Bump Selenium to 3.6.0 to (hopefully) cope with recent Firefox
      Revert "Bump Selenium to 3.6.0 to (hopefully) cope with recent Firefox"
      Add current firefox-esr path to $PATH
      Bumped version number to 6.0.5-1 in preparation for upload
      Insert "autobuilt" component in version numbers to document source
      Merge branch '6.0' into 6.1
      Use CREATE EXTENSION rather than createlang for PostgreSQL 10 compat
      Merge branch '6.0' into 6.1
      Mediawiki seems to be maintained again in Debian
      Merge branch '6.0' into 6.1
      Use less intrusive way of "fixing" things for Debian packages
      Merge branch '6.0' into 6.1



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