[Fusionforge-general] VM image for easy testing

Roland Mas lolando at debian.org
Wed Nov 10 14:16:35 CET 2010

  Hi all,

  There's still a perception that getting involved in FusionForge
development is too hard due to the difficulty of installing FF from
sources, and it seems to frighten some of our contributors (or potential
contributors) away.  In order to mitigate this, I've been working on a
virtual machine image with all the prerequisites and a few helper

  Basically, it's a Debian Squeeze, with a checkout of the trunk, and:
- a script to build *.deb packages from the checkout, and store them in
  a local APT repository;
- one to install them all in an non-interactive way;
- one to run the full test-suite on the installation;
- one to start Selenium (required by the previous one);
- one to refresh the system and the checkout.

  There's also a script to install a graphical environment with launcher
icons on the desktop, which may be useful.

  Note that this box is *INSECURE* and should *NOT* be used for anything
else but testing and development.  The scripts *WILL* eat your data from
time to time, especially if you run the test-suite.

  I've built it with VirtualBox, but from my readings the OVF format
should be recognized by several virtualisation tools.  It needs network
access to get the dependencies of packages (and for the installation of
the X environment), but not necessarily a complex setup: I've tested it
with VirtualBox's internal NAT and DHCP server, and it's enough for the
GUI version.  Connecting to the VM from the host is a bit more involved
(I use bridging), but still nothing fancy.

  There are two files to grab: FFSandbox.ovf is the meta-data file for
the VM, and ffsandbox.vmdk is the hard disk image (625 MB).  Get them
from http://fusionforge.fusionforge.org/sandbox/

  I will probably upload updated versions from time to time with an
updated checkout and system.  In the meantime, getting the latest
checkout is a simple matter of running update.sh inside the VM.

Roland Mas

 ar c   t  e l  l  iè    u   ai  i    a   mi    . 
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