[Fusionforge-general] MediaWiki authentication problem

Roland Mas lolando at debian.org
Sat Oct 15 21:15:45 CEST 2011

Michael Kluge, 2011-10-14 21:57:09 +0200 :

> Hi list,
> my MediaWiki plugin always tells me that someone with role
> "ForgeRole:Admin" is needed to edit the Wiki content. And consequently
> only project admins can edit the Wiki. I digged around in the code for
> the mediawiki plugin and found the following clues:
> The authentican callback in LocalSettings.php is called and really
> finds the user information.
> The function isAllowed in the MediaWiki code in User.php is used to
> figure out, whether a user is allowed to "read" or create a new
> page. My user ("Senior Developer") has only the rights
> Array ( [0] => purge [1] => sendemail [2] => autoconfirmed )
> And I can't find the piece of code that creates the right map for a
> user from the users' FusionForge Role for this project.
> Could someone please give me a pointer?

  The function is called FusionForgeRoleToMediawikiGroupName(), and it's
in LocalSettings.php (in versions 5.1 and later).  In 5.0 and previous,
the code was in FusionForgeMWAuth(), and it's been found unreliable,
buggy or even downright broken in a number of circumstances I've never
managed to explain fully; I basically started from scratch with the new
RBAC system, and the current code seems much more robust.

  Note that you need to grant your role the appropriate permissions on
the project admin page.  From your mail, I guess that only the Admin
role has the required access to the wiki; you need to edit the Senior
Developer role's permissions too.

Roland Mas

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