[Fusionforge-general] Announcement: Fusionforge 5.3 final release

Franck Villaume franck.villaume at trivialdev.com
Thu Apr 3 09:38:41 CEST 2014

After 4 release candidates, Community is proud to announce the new major 
Fusionforge 5.3 final release.
Fusionforge 5.3 is a new step over the 5.x. series.

In detail, here are the visible changes.
On the standards features front,
- Document management:
Files moved to filesystem using the Storage generic class (TrivialDev)
Directory monitoring (TrivialDev)
Display number of download per file, max upload size (TrivialDev)
Add report view as in FRS (TrivialDev)
- User management:
Account ssh key management: rewrite backend, add more informations such 
as fingerprint, deploy flag, easy delete (TrivialDev)
Notify admins when user has validated his account (TrivialDev)
New SOAP services to handle adding/removing groups, users and tasks 
(patch by Pasquale Vitale)
- Project activity:
Allow project to disable the Project Activity (Alcatel-Lucent)
Activity: New Directory appears now in activity (TrivialDev)
- Trackers: Attachements moved to filesystem to allow larger attachments 
& reduce DB size (Alcatel-Lucent)
- Frs: Download statistics are available as graph now (TrivialDev)
- New javascript based graphics (bybye jpgraph) (TrivialDev)
- Widgets:
Widget: MyArtifacts Enhancement: add monitored artifacts (TrivialDev)
Widget: Project Document Activity: new or updates files, new 
directories, in the last 4 weeks (TrivialDev)
About Plugins:
- scmgit:
Multiple repositories per project (developed for/sponsored by AdaCore)
Add browsing capability for user personal repository (TrivialDev)
Basic activity support (TrivialDev)
- scmhook
commitEmail support for scmhg plugin (TrivialDev)
change properties support for SVN pre-revprop-changehooks (Alcatel-Lucent)
svncommitemail: this plugin is superseed by scmhook
svntracker: this plugin is superseed by scmhook
- scmhg: http support, online browsing, stats (Denise Patzker, TrivialDev)
- headermenu: new plugin to handle links in headermenu, outermenu & 
groupmenu (TrivialDev)
- blocks: improved with a new HTML widget for the project summary page 
- new phpcaptcha plugin: enable a captcha in the register page. (TrivialDev)
- webanalytics: new plugin to add support for piwik or google analytics 
tool (TrivialDev)
- new admssw plugin to provide ADMS.SW compatible RDF descriptions of 

Development Highlights:
- jQuery library is now standard. No more prototype + scriptaculous + 
jQuery + specific JS mess.
- Bybye old jpgraph php library. Fusionforge now uses jqPlot library 
which is a jQuery plugin. All graphs have been rewritten.
- File attachments in tracker and document manager are now stored on the 
filesystem using a common storage API.
- More informations about what is going on. SCM activity (commits) are 
now displayed. New or enhanced widgets are also available on your page 
to follow project activities.
- Code cleanup. Fusionforge get a slimming diet.
- new plugins are available such as captcha integration or webanalytics 
integration. Some are leaving (svncommitemail, svntracker are merged 
into the scmhook plugin).

Behind the scene, old configuration files (i.e local.inc) are not 
supported anymore. Since 5.0, the configuration files are standards 
*.ini files. As usual, migration scripts are provided to migrate what 
needs to be migrated to the new schemes (in this case, for the database 
schema). Still backup your data before any migration.

Tracker roadmap of the 5.3 release : 

Some metrics about 5.3:
32 bugs fixed
31 patches merged
21 features requests implemented
1.5 year of development since 5.2
~ 17000 commits between 5.2 and 5.3
14 contributors

Direct download link : 
Enjoy and your feedback to fusionforge-general at lists.fusionforge.org 
<mailto:fusionforge-general at lists.fusionforge.org> is welcome!

TrivialDev Founder

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