[Fusionforge-general] Development VM auto-generated with Vagrant/Packer

Sylvain Beucler - Inria sylvain.beucler at inria.fr
Tue Jan 28 18:34:01 CET 2014


I took some time to investigate how to regenerate the Development VM
from scratch! I used Vagrant and Packer(.io).

Vagrant offers a best practice environment to distribute and run dev
VMs, including a .box bundle format, and a few conventions (such as
using a 'vagrant' user with default sudo privs). New users should feel
as ease with it.

Packer (from the same author/company) can generate VMs from scratch
using ISO+preseed techniques, and then provision the VM using tools
ranging from shell scripts to Puppet, and generates the
appropriate .box.  This is cleaner and safer than reusing one of the
Vagrant Debian images lying around.

Limitation: these tools are primarily built on VirtualBox. Support for
libvirt/kvm is available through plugins in Vagrant, and is available in
Packer except for the final .box generation.

Attached is a first version. README enclosed :)
It produces a ~520MB fusionforge-dev.box in a matter of minutes.
Let me know if it works for you.

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