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Franck Villaume franck.villaume at trivialdev.com
Tue Feb 27 14:19:42 CET 2018

> Le 27 février 2018 à 11:14, Matthieu Imbert <matthieu.imbert at inria.fr> a écrit :
> Hi,


> Fusionforge currently does not allow users to delete projects of which 
> they are admins, nor delete their own accounts. Only the administrators 
> of a fusionforge instance can do so.


> I think it would be a good thing to allow users to easily delete their 
> projects and accounts, because:
> - other "modern" forges do it (gitlab)
> - it avoids some annoying and useless work for the fusionforge instance 
> administrators. Moreover, when users request deletions, the process is 
> likely to be vulnerable to impersonation attacks (unless the 
> administrators take care to check thoroughly that the email that asks 
> for deletion was indeed sent by the user it pretends to have been sent from.


> - most fusionforge instances are likely to be legally required to allow 
> users to delete their data (especially in Europe, with the recent 
> Regulation of the European Parliament and of the council on the 
> protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal 
> data and on the free movement of such data, from April 2016, which, for 
> example, in France, will be applied starting from May 2018)


> - Additionally, preventing the users to delete projects offers no real 
> projection to projects, since any user with commit permission can 
> rewrite the project's history in the SCM (assuming that in most cases, 
> the SCM is the most important tool of projects).


> I've searched a bit to see if such functionality is already available 
> for the forge, but found nothing.

There are no such requests as of today.

> What do you think about that? Do you agree that it would be a nice 
> feature to have? Is there some development that has already be done in 
> this direction?

It should be a "must-have" feature. I'm not aware of any development to implement this feature request.


> best,
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> Matthieu Imbert <matthieu.imbert at inria.fr>
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